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Thurles Ambulatory Care Unit | Essential Healthcare Project, Ireland
16 September 2021

Thurles Ambulatory Care Unit | Essential...

Essential healthcare constructions in Ireland continued this year with a new project in which Partel was involved by ensuring the windtightness and fire-safety measures for the new-built Thurles Ambulatory Care Unit.
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LUNOS Ventilation provides exceptional indoor air quality to residents of Philips Lane in Old Town Swindon
05 August 2021

LUNOS Ventilation provides exceptional i...

Partel Supplied LUNOS Ventilation Systems were chosen for enhancing energy performance and indoor air quality of a new mixed use development scheme, located at a prime position in Old Town Swindon, UK.
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Passive Retrofit of Historic Brooklyn House
23 June 2021

Passive Retrofit of Historic Brooklyn Ho...

Our client in Brooklyn decided to renovate their old home into a passive house, they requested for it be retrofitted according to the "classic five" Passive House design principles: Partel's Smart VARA Airtight System playe...
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IZOPERM PLUS FR Class A2 system contributes to the expansion of the Central Plaza roof construction
10 June 2021

IZOPERM PLUS FR Class A2 system contribu...

Partel contributed significantly to the expansion of the iconic Central Plaza roof construction, which is one of the largest and most prestigious construction projects being carried out in Dublin city center, Ireland, by providing IZOPERM P...
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14 April 2021


The Barna passive house project used Partel’s IZOPERM PLUS phA certified airtight product system - vapour control membrane together with the CONEXO MULTISEAL.
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LUNOS Ventilation Contributes to the Development of Energy-Efficient Senior Citizens Housing
11 March 2021

LUNOS Ventilation Contributes to the Dev...

The DLR County Council took an initiative to build energy-efficient construction for senior citizens social housing for which they used Partel designed and supplied highly efficient systems’ like Lunos eGo, Lunos e260, Lunos Silvento ec, ...
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Maple Corner Passive House using Partel airtight systems, achieves PHIUS+2018 certification
17 November 2020

Maple Corner Passive House using Partel ...

This new residential building in the US, built by Montpelier Construction and using Partel VARA PLUS smart airtight system meets PHIUS+2018 - PHIUS+ Source Zero certification.
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Efficiency Certified High-Performance House
30 October 2020

Efficiency Certified High-Performance Ho...

This residential project in Vermont, US consists of a four-tiered energy-modeling approach using a safe, durable measure for vapor control and airtightness for both internal and external structures.
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