Maple Corner Passive House using Partel airtight systems, achieves PHIUS+2018 certification

Project Description

The Partel airtight systems consisting of VARA PLUS and EXOPERM MONO 150 were installed to improve the airtightness of new construction in Vermont, US.

Built by Montpelier Construction and designed by Lutz Architecture, the new residential building meets PHIUS+2018 – PHIUS+ Source Zero certification.

Key Information

To eliminate the air leaks and make the building tight, more durable, energy-efficient, and healthier for its occupants, the project team installed Partel integrated airtight product systems for the internal and external building structure:

  • Internal product system: VARA PLUS – smart vapour control layer, and CONIZO special paper adhesive tape for durable sealing
  • External product system: EXOPERM MONO 150 – Monolithic breathable membrane, and CONEXO solvent-free adhesive tape for strong and permanent airtight connections.




Final testing at the end of construction results in 0.8 Ach50.  Enhanced thermal performance of the structure, no premature deterioration of the building envelope, and reduced energy costs.

Project Details

Project Type: Low-Energy Residential Development
Location: Vermont, US
Architect: Lutz Architectures
Builder: Montpelier Construction, lead by Christopher Clarke Miksic
Completion: 2019




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