Corporate Culture

What makes Partel such a unique place to work is our high-performing and wide culture. It’s based on a combination of personal performance, teamwork, and support.

We Embrace Relationships

Partel is its people and the culture within Partel is that of trust, integrity and open communication. We are focused on building long-lasting relationships as it is our relationships that advance our personal and professional lives and therefore contribute greatly to our success. We work hard to develop such relations with our clients, suppliers and partners to ensure we find the right solution for each and every construction challenge that we are faced with. We are committed to creating a company for the long term and lifelong relationships are fundamental in doing so.

We Are Loyal

Loyalty is the basis upon which mutual trust is built not only within our team but with our customers, our suppliers, and our partners. Loyalty is paramount in our daily work and communications. We value people, encourage development and reward performance. We deliver on our promises.

We Think Sustainable

Our people are passionate about innovation and sustainability. We believe in sustainable performance by using the best practices that allow us to reduce energy consumption. Our strength is in solving problems, working to the individual needs of our clients and our dedication to the success of each build. We inspire and enable customers to build smart, using energy-efficient systems for a sustainable future.

We Innovate Through Technology

Technical excellence is at the core of our product development. We invest in high-performance products to support innovation and quality of life, with an unwavering focus on sustainability. We promote innovation and change in order to be one of the leading and most progressive companies in the green building sector.

We Challenge the Norm

We are ambitious and eager to deliver value to our clients. We invest in making a difference when it comes to the low-energy building sector. We encourage and consider varied perspectives from our team, our suppliers and partners for it is such ideas that offer diversity in our forward-thinking. As such we offer innovative high-performance products and services at excellent value to our clients.