Centralised, Low Energy Consumption, Super Silent, Comfortable Ventilation Systems

Vasco Group has been a trusted name in the market for its Silent Ventilation solution.

When building or renovating the house or property, you need to make sure you will install the best possible energy-efficient, user-friendly, and optimal ventilation system to achieve the healthiest, most comfortable, low-energy home.

Conventional ventilation processes, such as opening the window or using a typical bath fan, fail to adequately ventilate the space. A good designed and installed ventilation system is the solution for moisture management and will help ensure a safe indoor air quality level for the occupants.

A well-insulated home does not have any ‘leaking’ air, thermal bridges, or damp problems. To accomplish this, a ventilation system that maintains the air quality constantly in balance is required. When mechanical ventilation systems with heat recovery are used, they automatically expel polluted air from the inside and replace it with fresh outdoor air.

Vasco Ventilation systems supplied by Partel keeps a safe and hygienic indoor environment all year round. They have an electrostatic and antibacterial filter which significantly reduces the amount of dust and other airborne pollutants within the living spaces.

A high-quality, versatile and innovative product range offering a suitable solution to technological and installation challenges. These devices provide air suction in wet rooms, such as bathrooms, toilets, washrooms, storage rooms and kitchens. At the same time, fresh air is directed into the dry rooms, i.e. the living and bedrooms.

What makes our Vasco systems different?

VASCO Products from Partel

Frequently Asked Questions

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As mentioned above, the significance of proper ventilation is evident. Indoor air quality is increased significantly by ventilation systems. Vasco energized ventilation systems with and without heat recovery help to create a safe life environment.
In addition, they score highly in terms of ease of installation, noise comfort and EPC reduction.

A highly insulated and efficient home reaps reward form a MVHR system with the recovery of heat and tempering of supply air, but when it’s hot outside and inside, this isn’t needed.
During the warmer months of the year and depending on the outside and room temperatures, the fresh night air is used for cooling the interior without the heat recovery.

During the development process, Vasco paid extra attention to the energy values. That’s why Vasco ventilation units with heat recovery are at the top of the market.
The factors like Low consumption of fans, high efficiency of the heat exchanger, automatic regulation for guaranteed air volume and full bypass for summer night ventilation contributes to this.

Installation is fast, simple and flexible, thanks to the Unique, Smart and Easy-to-Install air duct system.
Vasco had already come up with an extensive installation-friendly solution for ventilation ducts in suspended ceilings, insulation layers, insulating fill layers and concrete covering floors.

VASCO has an adequate in-house solution for any application, whether the project is a newly built home, a passive home or renovation project.

A system D is also called balanced ventilation, because ideally the total supply flow is equal to the total extracted flow.
This system is controlled automatically from start to finish because air is supplied and expelled through fans.

The air filters in the D ventilation system are best cleaned with a vacuum cleaner every three to four months. Every 12 to 18 months the air filters need to be replaced, you can do this yourself.
Every eight years, the duct system must be checked and, if necessary, cleaned, it’s recommended to get this done by a specialist company.

We would recommend that the system runs continuously in order to keep the air in your home fresh and clean and to avoid the build-up of odours and condensation.
Vasco provides an Easyflow air duct system to help improve the profitability of their ventilation units. This is a one-of-a-kind idea for making ventilation installation simpler. Installation is simple and worry-free thanks to a small number of parts and a clever logistics idea. It’s easy to put together, simple to do, and very adaptable.
The limited different parts are so adaptable that the installer can easily make bends.

The flow rate calculation for hygienic ventilation in homes is worked out in accordance with the prevailing standards. These make a distinction between 3 types of room: supply, exhaust and through-flow rooms. The air balance is determined by the total of the flow rates in the various supply and exhaust rooms. Based on this, Partel develops a detailed installation plan and price quote.

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