EasyFlow Air Duct System

Unique, Flexible and Easy-to-Install air duct system

Vasco’s EasyFlow air duct system, combined with Vasco ventilation, supplied by Partel, provides a unique, low-noise ventilation system.

A limited number of components and a well-thought-out logistic concept ensure a simple and trouble-free installation. The Vasco EasyFlow air ducts are made of durable HDPE. Assembly is fast, easy, and flexible. Each air valve has only one air duct, not several parallel air ducts, which makes cleaning easier.

Suitable for installation in suspended ceilings, insulating layers, insulating filling layers, lightweight filling layers and concrete floors.

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Benefits of Installing the Vasco EasyFlow Air Duct System

The Vasco EasyFlow air duct system has unprecedented high aerodynamics so that the air is passed through the house completely silently. A limited number of parts and a SMART logistics concept guarantee an easy and worry-free installation.

Assembly is quick, simple and flexible. Each air valve has one air channel, so no multiple parallel air channels, which simplifies cleaning if necessary.

The EasyFlow system was expanded with a so-called new horizontal bend. With its smaller radius, the system becomes even more flexible and user-friendly, especially to achieve shorter curves.

  • With 1 click to a complete installation
  • Customised installation plan
  • Easy installation as all parts are easily pushed together
  • Whisper quiet system because of unprecedented high aerodynamics
  • Pre-assembled rubber seals provide an air duct system of the highest airtightness class
  • Exclusive design air valves
  • The Smiley: a unique adjustment valve provides a simple and fast adjustment

EasyFlow Air Duct System

No sawing or cutting required

The Vasco EasyFlow air ducts are pushed into each other so that the overall length from the terminal box to the valve connector is flexible. No sawing or cutting is required during installation.

Airtight connections

Thanks to the pre-assembled rubber seals, the Vasco EasyFlow air duct system offers certified airtightness of the highest class.

Mounting bracket

The Vasco standard mounting brackets are available for easy installation.

Plug-in dowels

Plug-in dowels make it easy to attach the mounting brackets. It is sufficient to drill a hole (6 mm) in the ground and then push the plug-in dowel into the corresponding opening.