Vasco X500 Ventilation System

With a capacity of 500 m³/h at 150 Pa, the Vasco X500 unit is the ideal ventilation system with heat recovery for large residential buildings. The continuous supply of fresh air in combination with the discharge and heat recovery of heated air ensures a healthy indoor climate.

This compact ventilation unit provides air suction in so-called wet rooms, such as bathrooms, toilets, washrooms, storage rooms, and kitchens. At the same time, fresh air is directed into the dry rooms, i.e. the living and bedrooms.

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Why Vasco X500 centralised ventilation system by Partel?

  • Ideal for homes with one living room, one or two bedrooms, an (open-plan) kitchen, one bathroom and possibly a separate toilet.
  • Very high efficiency
  • Extremely low consumption
  • Significant E-level reduction
  • Automatic constant airflow control

IMPROVED AIR QUALITY – Vasco’s D system boasts an electrostatic and antibacterial filter. Thus, the cleanest and freshest air flows into the living space, without any dust or pollen.

TEMPERATURE – Through heat recovery, the D system heats the supplied fresh air to a comfortable temperature. In addition, Vasco’s D system also boasts a full bypass, which provides fresher summer night ventilation.


Thanks to their EC motor, these centrifugal fans with large, curved blades are extremely efficient, quiet and very easy to maintain. The automatic fan control ensures a quiet start-up and a metered increase in speed. The combination of the Vasco ventilation units with the Vasco EasyFlow air ducts guarantees the ultimate comfort of a super-silent ventilation system.

NOISE LEVEL FROM OUTSIDE: Fresh air comes in through the air ducts and passes through the noise-reducing ventilation unit. Then it is distributed through silent air ducts to the dry rooms.

NOISE LEVEL FROM INSIDE: Both the supply and the discharge process are mechanical, using two fans and two duct systems. The extremely quiet DC fans in combination with the internal acoustic insulation make this ventilation unit the market reference product.


To keep the supply of fresh air and the discharge of used air in balance, the ventilation unit is equipped with two extremely economical fans. The consumption of these two fans, combined with the heat recovery feature, compensates significantly for the additional consumption of the supply air fan. The extremely efficient X500 fan in the Vasco ventilation system ensures low energy consumption.



The air filters in the D ventilation system are best cleaned with a vacuum cleaner every three to four months. Every 12 to 18 months the air filters need to be replaced. Every eight years, the duct system must be checked and, if necessary, cleaned by a specialist company.


Vasco X500 ventilation systems ensure a healthy and comfortable indoor climate throughout the year.

The unique heat exchanger supplies fresh outdoor air at a comfortable temperature to the inside of the home, preventing a cold sensation. Furthermore, the full bypass provides summer night ventilation, ensuring the home is optimally ventilated on hot summer nights.

Technical data

House type Large housing
Area (m2) 280-400
Number of bedrooms 5-6
Weight (kg) 45
Configurator (apartment connection) reversible (right is standard)
Supply voltage 230 V
Energy label A
Energy label with 1 sensor A
Energy label with 2 sensors A+
Airflow 500 m3/h at 150 Pa
Maximum power consumption 333 W

Dimensions H x W x D (mm): 724 x 764 x 560

Standard model Vasco X500

  • Reversible apartment connection
  • Painted metal housing
  • Internal thermal and acoustic insulation
  • Countercurrent heat exchanger made of PS plastic with an efficiency of >90%
  • Radio switch
  • Contact for fireplace / extractor hood
  • Alarm contact
  • Building automation: 3-position contacts for external control; 0-10 V signal for external control
  • G4 air filter for discharge and F7 air filter for fresh air
  • Full bypass
  • Constant volume control

Optionally available with:

  • On-demand control
  • Preheating element