Bespoke Ventilation Design Solution for Efficient Airflow

Partel is an industry-leading specialist in consulting, designing, supplying, and commissioning energy-efficient ventilation systems for residential and commercial developments, focusing on new build, and retrofit projects.

Key Data Acquisition For A Long-Term Operation Design

In the first step, we collect the drawings of the buildings and adequate data to design a system that complies with building regulations. Our primary objective here is to understand climate conditions, the construction, including the type and direction of windows, airtightness level, materials used in the building, the structure of rooms, and specific elements of architecture to enhance the ventilation design. We also listen to your objectives and thoroughly discuss your chosen unit locations, ducting routes, control options, and ancillaries.

Discussing Ventilation Systems Options

Following the conversation, we may send a certified engineer to evaluate the site conditions. He will then collect project-related information, such as measurements and calculations of significant variables that will impact the final ventilation system design. Our designs are created exclusively for each building utilising the ideal mix of computer-aided drafting software (CAD), engineering expertise, and professional judgment. Our design process also considers the consistent airflow and ventilation rate, extreme conditions, such as the sizes and locations of air intake and exhausts, as well as local climate and wind conditions, ensuring we achieve modern-day air quality standards for the occupants.

Installation By Partel’s Certified Technicians

Planning the installation process is decisive once a ventilation strategy has been decided – for a continuous mechanical extract (CMEV) system or a mechanical ventilation system with heat recovery capabilities (MVHR). While self-installation is perfectly feasible, having your system designed by a certified engineer as per Part F of the Building Regulations is recommended to achieve optimal airflow rates, maximum efficiency, minimal noise levels, and an improved SAP rating. Partel’s qualified technicians and certified installers carry out the installation from the first fix to commissioning, facilitating the delivery of a reliable, high-quality ventilation system. * Please note that the electrical work will have to be completed by the Electrician.


We provide commissioning services for LUNOS and VASCO ventilation systems, centralised and decentralised systems. When installing systems on your construction project, we always use our experienced building system engineers to complete the commissioning to establish accuracy and consistency. We will make sure that the system is operating at peak efficiency and that all components are correctly installed.

Why Quality Design Service Matters?

A well-designed ventilation system will operate more efficiently, have a greater chance of standing the test of time and provide enhanced indoor air quality. The Technical Team at Partel has a strong base of knowledge and experience around building physics, low energy construction, and quality solutions that can help facilitate design high-performance ventilation systems in all building types.



Constant fresh filtered air supply for optimal indoor air quality


Eliminates the risk of structural damage caused by condensation and mould


Ensuring indoor acoustical comfort


Easy installation and maintenance due to innovative, service-friendly design features


Cost-effective and highly energy-efficient ventilation systems

What our clients say

I was very happy with the service from Partel. The price was competitive, communication was clear and all the staff at Partel lovely to deal with, and when appointments were scheduled were always on time. The ventilation system has made a huge difference to air quality in the office.

WestWorks Galway

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