BRB Homes: Advancing Airtightness in Light Gauge Steel Frame Construction with Partel Membranes

Project Overview

BRB Homes, a pioneer in innovative and sustainable housing solutions embarked on the construction of a cutting-edge 1800 sq ft steel frame home. Seeking both energy efficiency and occupant comfort, BRB Homes selected Partel’s advanced solutions to create a superior airtight barrier within their steel frame structure. BRB Homes opted to use Partel’s leading-edge Conexo Multiseal and Izoperm Plus membrane in order to maximise energy efficiency and occupant comfort. Their steel frame structure’s outstanding airtight barrier, which was made attainable by these specifically selected products, contributed to the building’s exceptional resilience, energy efficiency, and durability.

Conexo Multi Seal Features for Rapid Build LGSF Structures

Advanced Adhesive Properties: Conexo Multi Seal offers superior adhesive properties, ensuring a strong and durable bond between the membranes and steel frame components. This feature is crucial for rapid construction, providing a quick and secure installation process.

Flexibility and Adaptability: The flexibility of Conexo Multi Seal allows it to adapt seamlessly to the contours and joints of light gauge steel frame (LGSF) structures. This adaptability ensures a precise fit, essential for maintaining airtightness in complex architectural designs often found in rapid build projects.

Moisture Resistance: Conexo Multi Seal’s moisture-resistant properties make it ideal for LGSF structures, preventing water ingress during construction and ensuring the longevity of the airtight barrier. This is particularly vital in rapid build scenarios, where exposure to the elements is minimized to maintain construction speed.

IZOPERM PLUS Features for Rapid Build LGSF Structures

High-Performance Vapour Control: IZOPERM PLUS is specifically engineered as a high-performance vapour control layer. In LGSF structures, where maintaining airtightness is critical, this feature ensures that the internal environment remains protected from external moisture, contributing to the longevity of the structure.

Lightweight and Easy to Handle: IZOPERM PLUS is lightweight, making it easy to handle and install in rapid build scenarios. Its user-friendly nature accelerates the installation process, allowing construction teams to adhere to tight schedules without compromising on the quality of the airtight barrier.

Exceptional Airtightness: The advanced composition of IZOPERM PLUS guarantees exceptional airtightness. In rapid build LGSF structures, where precise and swift installation is essential, this feature ensures that the building achieves the desired energy efficiency and occupant comfort standards without delays or complications.

Compatibility with Various Surfaces: IZOPERM PLUS is designed to adhere effectively to a variety of surfaces, including steel frames. Its compatibility ensures that it seamlessly integrates into the construction process of LGSF structures, making it an ideal choice for rapid build projects.

The Challenge

Creating an airtight barrier in steel frame buildings presents unique challenges. Ensuring seamless integration of membranes in the rapid construction environment and maintaining airtightness during offsite facilities assembly are critical challenges that needed precise solutions.

Unique Steel Frame Integration: Integrating airtight barriers within light gauge steel frame structures requires specialized solutions due to the distinctive construction methods and materials used.

Rapid Construction Environment: In the fast-paced environment of rapid construction, ensuring precise and swift installation of airtight membranes is crucial to meeting tight deadlines without compromising quality.

Energy Efficiency Demands: Meeting the stringent energy efficiency requirements of modern constructions, especially in steel frame buildings, necessitates an airtight barrier that effectively prevents drafts and maintains consistent indoor temperatures.

Addressing these challenges required precise and effective solutions, which were met through the implementation of Partel’s advanced membranes and adhesive tapes.

The Solution

Enhanced Airtightness and Thermal Performance: Partel’s IZOPERM PLUS, meticulously chosen for its compatibility with light gauge steel frame structures, played a pivotal role in establishing superior airtightness within BRB Homes’ construction project. The membrane was expertly integrated, adhering seamlessly to the steel frame structure. This impeccable integration ensured an uninterrupted barrier against external elements, eliminating drafts and maintaining a stable indoor environment. By preventing air leakage, IZOPERM PLUS significantly bolstered the building’s overall energy efficiency.

Exceptional Vapor Control: IZOPERM PLUS not only excelled in providing airtightness but also showcased exceptional vapor control properties. Its high-performance design effectively managed the passage of water vapor, ensuring that the internal structure remained protected from potential moisture-related issues. This comprehensive vapor control was crucial for maintaining the integrity of the steel frame construction over time, safeguarding it against the detrimental effects of moisture accumulation.

Durable and Reliable Bonding: The integration of Partel’s CONEXO MULTISEAL adhesive tape further fortified the airtight layer. This innovative tape, engineered for durability and reliability, formed a robust seal at joints and seams. Its advanced adhesive properties ensured a long-lasting bond, enhancing the overall structural integrity of the airtight layer. By utilizing CONEXO MULTISEAL, BRB Homes secured airtightness not only during the initial construction phase but also for the building’s long-term durability, guaranteeing consistent performance over the years.

Seamless Integration for Rapid Construction: Partel’s solutions were not only chosen for their performance but also for their ease of integration, particularly vital in rapid construction environments. IZOPERM PLUS and CONEXO MULTISEAL were seamlessly incorporated into the construction process, allowing for swift and efficient application. This seamless integration streamlined the construction timeline, aligning perfectly with the project’s need for rapid assembly without compromising the quality or durability of the airtight layer.

Environmentally Conscious Choice: Additionally, the selection of Partel’s solutions demonstrated BRB Homes’ commitment to environmentally conscious construction practices. IZOPERM PLUS, being a sustainable solution, contributed to the project’s eco-friendly initiatives. By choosing environmentally responsible materials, BRB Homes not only ensured the building’s energy efficiency but also made a positive impact on the overall sustainability of the construction industry.

Rapid Construction in Offsite Facilities: In the context of rapid construction, especially in offsite facilities, time is of the essence. Partel’s membranes proved instrumental in expediting the construction process. The ease of application and the precise fit within the steel frame structure ensured a swift and accurate installation. This not only met tight construction deadlines but also maintained the highest quality standards.


Partel’s IZOPERM PLUS and CONEXO MULTISEAL adhesive tape emerged as pivotal components in BRB Homes’ quest for superior steel frame construction. In the realm of light gauge steel frame structures, where unique challenges often arise, these solutions played a transformative role.

IZOPERM PLUS, meticulously crafted for light gauge steel frame structures, seamlessly integrated into the building’s framework. Its advanced composition not only provided exceptional airtightness but also eliminated drafts, ensuring a consistent indoor environment. This enhanced airtightness was more than a construction detail; it became a cornerstone of the structure’s energy efficiency. By sealing every potential crevice, IZOPERM PLUS significantly reduced heat loss, thereby contributing significantly to the overall energy efficiency of the building.

The integration of CONEXO MULTISEAL adhesive tape further exemplified the synergy of Partel’s solutions. This adhesive tape, specifically designed for robust adhesion in challenging environments, ensured that the construction process was not only swift but also precise. It acted as the bonding agent, seamlessly connecting different parts of the steel frame structure. By facilitating efficient and accurate assembly, CONEXO MULTISEAL not only saved valuable construction time but also minimized potential errors, guaranteeing a seamless and durable result.

Beyond immediate benefits, this case study underscores the sustainability embedded in Partel’s solutions. By enhancing airtightness, Partel contributes to reducing the building’s carbon footprint, promoting eco-conscious construction practices. The seamless synergy between IZOPERM PLUS and CONEXO MULTISEAL showcases the potential of modern construction practices to be not only efficient but also environmentally responsible.

In essence, the success of BRB Homes’ steel frame construction project becomes a testament to the effectiveness and versatility of Partel’s solutions. This synergy of IZOPERM PLUS and CONEXO MULTISEAL not only addressed the unique challenges of light gauge steel frame structures but also elevated the construction standards, ensuring airtightness, comfort, and sustainability in every corner of the building.



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