Project Description

The LUNOS MVHR system utilizing the Nexxt units – supplied by Partel – was commissioned to improve the indoor air quality of a major office refurbishment in Leopardstown, just outside of Dublin.

The client chose the system as they wanted a product that could be installed quickly and efficiently with minimal disruption but that offered great improvements to the indoor air quality for the tenants.


  • 5 Lunos Nexxt units installed / floor
  • 2 Floors approx. 250m² refurbished
  • 30 persons max. occupancy / floor


A NEAP analysis was carried out to determine the advantages of the installed system. It was shown that the LUNOS Nexxt system reduced the energy required for space heating by 76%.

A 14.4% reduction in carbon emissions was also shown using the system.

By installing the LUNOS Nexxt units, the internal air quality and thermal comfort levels where achieved without relying on openable windows, negating cold drafts and excessive heating demand in the winter months.