Why use a breathable membrane – UV stable and fire-resistant?

Premium class facade and roof membrane EXOPERM™ MONO DURO 200 forms an effective and safe weather protection for the roof and for closed and open facades. The membrane acts like human skin does: it is open to diffusion, protects the building from weather, and serves as a climatic regulator. Its high resistance to UV damage, moisture penetration, and heat tolerance is indispensable, especially for open, rear-ventilated facades.

With this product system, the now high-performance wall is able to against weathering over a long period of time, while supporting energy efficiency and reducing the risk of condensation – removing moisture to the outside via the membrane.

Proven coating TPU Monolithic Technology and the highest quality raw materials, combined with uncompromising manufacturing quality, make EXOPERM MONO DURO 200 external membrane extremely durable and resistant to aging. This is manifested in a comprehensive long-term guarantee for the Euroclass B1 product and formally supported by a 15-year product warranty.


  1. Building moisture is directed to the outside
  2. Offers long-lasting UV protection – the TPU monolithic-coated layer provides up to 10 years of UV protection for open joint facades (up to 50mm)
  3. The unique two-layer structure of EXOPERM™ MONO DURO 200 with a surface density of 190g/m2 significantly improves the resistance to stretching and tearing
  4. Prevents structural damage
  5. Ensures that insulation remains dry and can perform at its optimum level

Further information about EXOPERM™ MONO DURO 200, and Monolithic TPU Technology, here.

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