Refurbishment in Portobello, IRL – LUNOS Ventilation in conservation

We were delighted to be contacted by Diarmaid Brophy Architects – A forward thinking architectural practice with obvious architectural talent but balanced with a good knowledge of building design and construction.

The project involves the full refurbishment of this Protected Structure – a mid-19th terrace single storey over basement property with a 2 storey return to the rear. While the property retained much original fabric, it was in a poor state and was fully refurbished to create a modern comfortable home, while retaining its authentic character.



Project type: Low Energy Build – Refurbisment
Location: Portobello, Ireland
Building: Single-Family house
Ventilation system supplied by Partel: LUNOS decentralised demand-controlled heat recovery system
Completion: 2015


LUNOS Silvento extract fan

LUNOS Silvento Extract Fan

The client chose the Silvento ec system as they wanted a product that could be installed quickly and efficiently, achieving comfort and a pleasant room climate for the homeowner, without relying on openable windows, negating cold drafts.

Ec technology makes it eco-friendly, the Silvento ec prevents rising energy costs, reduces power consumption – energy efficient, and provides low sound level (all Silvento ec fans are one of the quietest fans in the world).

Our task – working with the architectural team was to address the ventilation so that the indoor air quality would match that of the rest of the building. As the building is protected and of solid brick construction the exterior grills had to be sympathetic to the building’s character. This can be accommodated either through the provision of pre coloured grills or bespoke grills provided by the builder.

The builder in this project was Principal Construction – a heritage and grant listed contractor who brought things together onsite and actually installed the LUNOS system.

Refurbishment in Portobello, IRL – LUNOS Ventilation in conservation





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