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PARTEL launches Exoperm Mono 150 – Highest protection for a durable building

In our aim to provide sustainable products and systems for the green building sector, Partel is delighted to announce the launch of its newest product – EXOPERM MONO 150, in its response to climate change.
This unique, high performance and durable membrane has been developed with both commercial and residential applications in mind, for a wide variety of applications across diverse industries. It offers superior water tightness, wind tightness, thermal and UV stability, achieving the highest levels of energy efficiency, while still providing comfort for occupants.

Maximum protection for a durable building

3 layers of protection – Monolithic Technology

PARTEL launches Exoperm Mono 150 – airtight membrane
This highly breathable membrane offers 3 layers of protection – the top and bottom layers are non-woven PP fabric with high mechanical resistance that protect the elastic monolithic middle layer.
Each layer of this innovative membrane offers specific properties to help avoid structural damage during and post construction. The technology used in creating each layer ensures a stronger more flexible membrane with greater resistance to corrosion and abrasion compared to the conventional microporous membranes that are currently prevalent on the market.

The middle layer comprises of a special TPE monolithic film rather than micro perforated and therefore allows for more breathability in one continuous membrane, offering a complete barrier against the passage of water.

Due to the structural continuity of the monolithic film, EXOPERM MONO 150 offers maximum water tightness and excellent weather resistance. This is imperative in providing optimum protection against heavy rain during the construction process. It can withstand excessive weather and remain exposed for up to 3 months. Likewise, it offers excellent thermal and UV stability, with temperature protection of up to 80°C.

And since the materials used are light, strong and longer lasting, construction is quick and more effective. This enables residential and commercial owners to enjoy fresh air, humidity protection, in addition to reduced energy consumption.

One product – two application types

  • EXOPERM MONO 150 was designed to be used successfully for both roof and external façade applications. The advantage is that builders and architects have the freedom to use a single product with multiple benefits, ensuring efficiency during construction.

EXOPERM MONO 150 is available in two lengths (1.5m and 3m), also with integrated tapes on both sides – EXOPERM MONO 150 CONNECT (1.5m length), ensuring optimum wind tightness and water proofing.

Let’s talk practicalities

EXOPERM MONO 150 can be installed in extreme weather conditions. It can withstand extremes of -40°c up to and including 80°c. Its integrated tapes use water resistant acrylic adhesives designed for a lifetime. No special tools are required for application and most importantly it comes with a 10 year warranty offering further reassurance to the builder and homeowner.



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