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Partel introduces VERBOND™, latest multi-purpose sealing adhesive for construction

Partel, a leading specialist in high-performance and sustainable products for low-energy buildings launches VERBOND™, the latest multi-purpose sealing adhesive for the construction industry.

Based on Hybrid Technology, Partel VERBOND™ is a solvent-free, extremely durable adhesive engineered to provide lifetime performance and strong adhesion to difficult substrates.

Of particular significance is the low-odour, and very low-emission formulation, which assists with a more comfortable and healthier built environment, a critical feature for manufacturers of high-end materials.

Durable and permanently elastic adhesive

What sets VERBOND™ apart in the product line is its superior adhesion to various surfaces, this is the most evident when a very good weather and excellent ageing resistance is required. This new advanced solution provides high strength of adhesive joints and optimum UV stability.

Remarkable features also include resistance to frost and a short drying time of 12 minutes.

Unmatched versatility

The hybrid-based VERBOND™ adhesive is ultra-versatile, able to cover a wide range of sealing applications, inside and outside, and can be used on most building materials.

Suitable for construction, building, and industrial fields, it can secure the assembly bonding of facades – sandwich elements and structural insulation products, ventilation and solar systems, wind power plants etc. Moreover, it is ideal for cracks and gaps filling, being easy to dispense.

VERBOND™ will allow many types of construction trades to improve and maximize assembly efficiency, especially when superior adhesion and fast curing is key.” Hugh Whiriskey, General Director

For more information on this durable, multi-purpose adhesives, please visit: Partel Verbond – Product Page




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