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Partel Approved as Registered Engineers Ireland CPD Training Provider

Partel has received recognition, and accreditation as a Registered Training Provider of Engineers Ireland for two of our current CPD Seminars – “Methods and Applications to Improve Air and Windtightness, Thermal Bridging” and “Ventilation Solutions for Energy-efficient Buildings”.

All engineering professionals make a commitment to maintaining their competency through ongoing CPD, in order to meet both current and future challenges within the low-energy building industry.

As it becomes more and more important, we are delighted that starting this month, the offer of Engineers Ireland is complemented by the two courses provided by Partel technical experts, facilitating access to relevant and high-standard learning opportunities for engineers.

Registered Seminars provided by Partel

  • Methods and Applications to Improve Air and Windtightness, Thermal Bridging

This CPD presentation focuses on the importance of airtightness and windtightness in both new and retrofit building design, highlighting the best techniques, solutions, and reliable practices. For further information on the CPD Seminar visit the Engineers Ireland Website.

  •  Ventilation Solutions for Energy-efficient Buildings

In addition to modern construction techniques that are moving toward more airtight buildings to meet lower energy demands, the need for great Indoor Air Quality is more important than ever. This CPD presentation will explain the benefits from an energy, efficiency, and lifestyle perspective of decentralised and centralised ventilation systems. For further information on the CPD Seminar visit the Engineers Ireland Website.

Planning a CPD

If you are eager to level up your skills and technical knowledge on the key issues, procedures, and application methods in the areas of airtightness, wind tightness, and ventilation, these seminars enable you to thrive in the fast-paced environment of low-carbon design and construction. It’s an opportunity to learn more about incorporating sustainable materials and advanced solutions, explore completed projects, design guidance, and guide of latest building standards (Part L and Part F), as well as assurances of quality and speed of delivery.

To book your next CPD webinar with our trainers, please visit our CPD page and Engineers Ireland’s website for a directory, and available dates. For further information regarding Partel CPDs or any queries, please e-mail [email protected].

About Engineers Ireland

Engineers Ireland is the voice of the engineering profession in Ireland, driven by its mission to make a sustainable impact on society, advocate for the profession, quality assures education, and encourages future generations of engineers.

They have been representing the engineering profession since 1835, being one of the oldest and largest professional bodies in Ireland. With over 23,500 members from every discipline of engineering, Engineers Ireland supports employees in their professional development with an extensive CPD offering.



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