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New ACRALINE ROLL adhesive – Where functionality and performance of flexible airtight connections meet

Partel upgrades the performance and functionality of the ACRALINE ROLL adhesive with new technical features, which offers a unique sealing solution of membranes for professionals in the construction of passive houses and low-energy buildings.

ACRALINE ROLL is the innovative response by Partel to increased demands for adhesive solutions as an alternative to conventional air sealing technologies such as liquid adhesive.

It is a unique compound, because it combines the advantages of liquid adhesives and adhesive tapes, resulting in a smart bonding approach with outstanding immediate adhesion properties,” said Hugh Whiriskey, Technical Director, involved in the R&D process.

Functionality and productivity are paramount

The performant Partel roll adhesive for sealing internal and external membranes forms a complete, tested system in accordance with Part L and DIN 4108-11.

Designed for productivity, ACRALINE ROLL is set apart by its functionality – it’s quick and easy to apply directly from the roll, with the simple handling of a pressure-sensitive adhesive, ensuring permanent elastic airtight connections, without drying time needed.
Ideal for a very wide range of substrates, the roll sealing tape adheres to surfaces with residual moisture and can be processed even at temperatures as low as -20°C, thanks to its unmatched characteristics that withstand a damp climate.

Precise sealing based on high-performance acrylic adhesive

Both during processing and after application, ACRALINE ROLL offers maximum adhesion accuracy thanks to its high-performance translucent acrylic adhesive, engineered to achieve optimum peel, tack and long-term strength.
 is 100% solvent-free adhesive, with outstanding water and temperature resistance. That makes it a reliable solution for durable airtight connections, that simultaneously protect the environment and prioritise Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), while meeting the market needs.

The ACRALINE ROLL adhesive was introduced this month in Ireland and is now accessible in the UK, US, and mainland Europe. For further information, view the Product Page and learn more about this innovative, energy-efficient solution.



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