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Carbon neutral buildings with low emission adhesives for construction

Buildings cause 35% of global carbon emissions, and, as the energy grid decarbonizes, it is clear that the next step in climate protection is embodied carbon reduction.

New construction in Ireland, UK  and the US is booming, and refurbishment of existing buildings is also well underway.

When it comes to building energy-efficient residential and commercial projects, adhesives are always part of the airtight product systems and it is necessary to meet certain energy standards.

Low-emission building materials

An essential piece of a healthy building is the quality of its indoor air. Air quality is determined by the emissions from construction components in a building. Especially since people tend to spend more and more time indoors, the issue of type and volume of emissions into the air from materials used to insulate the walls, and hermetically seal the window joints becomes ever more urgent.

Utilizing not only low volatile organic compounds (VOC) content but also low odour, solvent-free products can help keep harmful concentrations in the air to a minimum and help keep building occupants healthy.

In particular emissions from freshly applied adhesives, sealing systems and other construction materials may lead to an alarming increase of VOC concentrations in the indoor air even days after installation.

Breathe in fewer pollutants thanks to EMICODE®

A Europe-wide recognized indicator for low-emission products is the EMICODE® seal. The GEV EMICODE® system carefully examines the health and environmental compatibility of various building materials.

Therefore, this classification system offers architects and planners, customers and homeowners as well as contractors safe guidelines for the selection of the right materials for “green building” – and at the same time covers the issue of sustainability.

The EMICODE® label EC1PLUS denotes the premium category, describing the limit of technological feasibility.

Working sustainably with Partel certified building products

Partel offers reliable, and safe adhesives for durable airtight connections and a sustainable built environment. We believe in sustainable performance by using the best practices and materials that allow us to reduce energy consumption.

Performance is not compromised! We are able to have achieve maximum long-term strength, lowest VOC’s and a genuine low emission product.

Partel airtight adhesive tapes have been developed using the highest quality solid acrylic adhesive, modified to achieve optimum/balanced peel, tack and cohesive strength on most surfaces. This results in high quality application standards together with a lifetime of adhesion. Our adhesive reaches maximum strength in 24 hours.

Partel acrylic adhesives used with tapes provide excellent temperature resistance, a continuous bond, withstands damp conditions, and ensures impact resistance.

This is a dramatic improvement over traditional water-based formulations and is a more sustainable alternative to solvent-based adhesives. This special adhesive has the highest technical properties for building longevity, while still maintaining Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).

Adhesive airtight tapes

The acrylic-based adhesive tapes in the Partel range are extremely environmentally friendly. No solvents are required in the production process, and only minimal quantities of water are used. The adhesive tapes are solvent-free and do not contain environmentally harmful substances.

VARA™ Seal, CONIZO™, CONEXO™ are some of the Emicode-tested tapes and bear the EC1PLUS mark – ideal preconditions for developing a healthy environment and residential air quality.

Created for designers, engineers and builders who need efficient sealing and greater design flexibility, Partel adhesive tapes can withstand a damp climate, provides superior ageing resistance and significantly improve energy-efficiency in any type of buildings.

Liquid Adhesives

Partel VERBOND™ is a solvent-free adhesive with very low emission (EC1PLUS) based on advanced hybrid polymer technology, that bonds to most building materials. Ideal for cracks and gaps filling, assembly bonding of facades – sandwich elements and structural insulation products, ventilation, and solar systems etc. Extremely durable, it has an elastic joint with good UV-stability and weather-resistance, featuring superior adhesion and short drying time.

Partel ACRABOND™ Liquid is a solvent-free, multi-functional adhesive for airtight connections of breathable membranes and vapour layers as EXOPERM™ MONO, VARA™ PLUS and IZOPERM™ PLUS. It has also very low emission (EC1PLUS), featuring good ageing resistance and durable, flexible connections.


Partel ACRAPRIME™ SPRAY is a versatile sprayable primer, with low odour and very low emission (EC1PLUS) that can be used with all Partel adhesive tapes on porous surfaces to create strong adhesion for better results. It has an aggressive tack that offers a high initial tack, suitable for use in difficult conditions (cold, damp) and it is easy to apply.

For further information about Partel high-performance, sustainable building solutions, please visit Adhesives range and Tapes range.




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