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BS Friday LIVE – Delivering Weathertight Buildings with Hugh Whiriskey

Delivering Weathertight Buildings – Design Strategy and High-performance Components

In this interactive LIVE session, Hugh Whiriskey will discuss the Partel EXOPERM MONO SA 250 product design, the benefits of the self-adhesive membrane, and project-related applications that can provide a long operational lifetime for buildings, unparalleled technical properties, along with superior protection for modern methods of construction. Expect a technical approach and be prepared to identify weather tightness strategies in designing and developing a durable building fabric.

Sign up here and explore the appropriate protective air barrier system for low-carbon construction by incorporating the Partel EXOPERM MONO SA 250 solution.


Friday, June 3 at 10am Pacific/1pm Eastern


It streams on YouTube and goes live on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Join us, ask questions, network, and learn from the industry experts.

Guest | Hugh Whiriskey, Founder and Director of Partel

Hugh has over 20 years of professional experience in the construction industry, engineering, building physics, and R&D. Knowledge in high-performance buildings, passive design, technical practicalities and product training makes the difference in identifying effective solutions to any type of project. Hugh is an accredited Certified Passive House Designer. Passionate about innovative sustainable materials and energy efficiency, Hugh strongly believes that we all can accelerate our contribution to a low-carbon future and better-built environment, with a keen focus on the holistic approach to building envelope systems.

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