18th century building becomes a low-energy modern house

Ambitious upgrade and extension project in Co. Kildare, Ireland. An 18th century farmhouse was transformed it into an elegant family home with a striking-yet-sensitive modern extension — all while embracing a healthy and fabric-first approach to retrofit combined with clever heating system design that has brought them from a G to an A3 rating.

The challenge in work

Old-style, solid masonry, minimally insulated structure with traditional sash windows, and a four-storey construction.

Preserving the essential character and salvageable features of this particular near-300 year-old building, while making serious improvements to insulation, and drawing on the ventilation that is needed to ensure high indoor air quality.

Partel offered consultancy advice and guidance in designing a properly ventilation system for the house, able to ensure optimal heat recovery efficiency and comfort levels.

LUNOS Ventilation System

Ventilation duties for both the new and old buildings are courtesy of a decentralised LUNOS heat recovery ventilation system – a solution that enables low energy ventilation without running ductwork. The large house requires a dozen LUNOS e2 decentralised heat recovery ventilation units, a LUNOS ego HRV unit and thee low energy extract fans.


Project type: Retrofitted 200 sqm rubble-built house (dating from c.1730) with approx 200 sqm cavity wall extension to the rear

Architects: Maxwell Pierce and Mesh Architects
Contractor: Pat Doran Construction
Location: Kildare, Ireland
Building: Single-Family house
Completion: 2017

Ventilation system supplied by Partel: LUNOS decentralised demand-controlled heat recovery system throughout. 12 x Lunos e2 units, 1 x Lunos ego, and 3 x low energy extract fans.

Final calculated efficiency relative to the house: 85.22% (according to DiBT) / 73.22% (according to the Passive House Institute). Overall volume flow: 195 m3/hr. Specific power consumption of heat recovery units: 0.10 W/m3/hr.

The innovative LUNOS ventilation system has contributed to bring the building from a G to an A3 building energy rating (BER), while improving the indoor air quality.

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