18 September in Dublin -Lunos exhibit at Energy Efficiency in the Building Sector -German-Irish chamber of commerce conference

In September you have the chance to become acquainted with LUNOS via Partel and their innovative, energy efficient technologies and services.- Some information on LUNOS below: –

LUNOS Lüftungstechnik GmbH für Raumluftsysteme is a manufacturer of innovative and energy-efficient ventilation systems from Berlin with an outstanding  international reputation for more than 56 years.
LUNOS has not only asserted itself as market leader for energy-efficient ventilation systems, but also as a reliable partner whose customers are convinced of the quality and long service life of our products.

LUNOS ventilation systems are based on a demand-flow through the entire home. The decentralized ventilation devices of LUNOS can be combined to three different energy-efficient ventilation systems:

You will also be able to discuss current issues and the latest developments in the field of energy efficiency and renewable energies with both German and Irish scientists, industry experts and decision-makers at a one-day conference on the 18th September 2018.

Exhaust Air System

  • Air is conducted outside with the help of fans that cause an underpressure → fresh air and reduction of heat energy loss
  • Innovative Control: humidity and temperature sensor

→  protection against moisture damage and mold formation

Hybrid System

  • Principle e² : systems with heat recovery
  • Can be applied where you need them

Focused on an aesthetic design

System with heat recovery

  • Optimizes the e² ventilation system
  • Two fans working as a pair

→ perfect for a regenerative heat exchange
Can also be switched to exhaust air mode →  fresh air in every room

LUNOS operates 11 agencies in Germany and 26 general agencies in Europe, Asia, North America, Australia and New Zealand and is looking to expand into the Irish market. If you would like to take to the opportunity to meet German manufacturers, our representative PERSON’S NAME will be available for individual co-operation meetings in Ireland from 19 to 20 September 2018. We would also like to invite you to the German-Irish Conference on Energy Efficiency in the Building Sector in the Crowne Plaza Dublin, Northwood, on Tuesday, 18 September 2018, where you will have the opportunity of a first meeting with our representative and to attend a presentation of our company.

Energy Efficiency in the Irish Building Sector

The Irish building sector is the second largest energy consumer in Ireland and has to focus on smart energy solutions. According to the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) approximately 75,000 homes and businesses will need to be upgraded for improved energy efficiency every year until 2020 if Ireland is to achieve current EU standards.

In recent years, the usage of energy efficient technologies significantly increased in Ireland. In the “National Development Plan 2018-2027” extensive investments in energy efficiency were announced. Amongst them:

  •     Upgrading 45,000 homes per year from 2021 as well as the existing and public building stock to achieve a minimum BER Rating ‘B’ (top rating: ‘A’)
  •     Changing out oil-fired boilers to heat pumps, along with the provision of roof solar, in at least 170,000 homes

Take advantage of the opportunity to become familiar with the German expertise in the construction sector. Attend the one-day symposium to deepen your knowledge about energy efficiency and renewable energies in the building sector or meet German company representatives during individually arranged cooperation talks to explore new business opportunities.

  •     Attendance at the conference and arrangement of individual business meetings might be of particular interest for     – amongst others –
  •     building companies in the field of energy efficient constructing/renovating
  •     architects and civil engineers
  •     distributors and importers

The conference At a Glance

Meet representatives from German companies during their four-day business trip to Ireland from 17th to 20th September 2018

Attend a free one-day symposium on energy efficiency and renewable energies in the building sector and debate the latest developments with scientists, experts and high-ranking representatives of the sector on 18th September 2018

Become familiar with the German companies and discover their innovative, energy efficient products and services during their English company presentations at the conference

Take advantage of the opportunity to network with German and Irish industry experts, company representatives and decision-makers beyond the official programme

Attend individually arranged and customised business cooperation meetings with German company representatives, which will be accompanied by a bilingual staff member of the German-Irish Chamber of Industry and Commerce, and establish successful business relationships
18.09.2018 | 08:30 AM

– 05:00 PM

Northwood Crowne Plaza Dublin



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