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Smart U-Value Measurement

Smart U-Value Measurement

Smart, Real-time U-Value Measurement

A large part of the energy consumption is caused by badly insulated buildings. The U-Value KIT offered by Partel enables you to precisely measure the heat loss of buildings. On the basis of the measured data, energetic retrofitting can be planned accordingly.

Our measurement-approach uses heat flux meters (HFM) and temperature sensors to achieve a certified U-value over 72 hours. This approach is standardized in ISO 9869, ASTM C1046 and ASTM C1155. This is the only method that delivers accurate quantitative in-situ information about a building envelope.

Advantages of gO Measurement System

  • Measures how much heat (in Watt) flows through one square meter of a wall
  • Delivers reliable quantitative data
  • Heat flux method according to ISO-9869
  • Non-invasive measurement
  • Easy processing of measured data
  • Simple and easy installation
  • Simultaneously measuring several U-values at different measuring points with ease
  • Measurements starting from 5° C temperature difference


The U-value Kit allows direct measurement of the thermal insulation quality of buildings and their elements. The Measurement System has the potential for use in a number of areas, including refurbishment planning, building inspection, mold detection, quality control and R&D, to ensure insulation has been installed correctly.

Partel’s U-Value measurement service with the company’s agency for the greenTEG U-value Kit is available on request throughout Ireland and the UK for sale, rent, or as part of an on-site consultancy service.

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