Smart airtight and windtight sealing tape

Partel VARA™ Seal X SL is a high-performance tape with a humidity variable Sd value and an extremely strong, moisture resistant acrylic adhesive for excellent adhesion.

Easy converting due to fingerlifts on both longitudinal sides. This advantage accelerates the application process, as the liner can be removed easily from the tape making it ideal for the most complex details.

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Why Partel VARA™ SEAL X SL?

  • Double sided adhesive zone
  • Fingerlifts on both longitudinal sides accelerate the application process
  • Split release liner for quick installation
  • Smart moisture variable tape with vapour resistance according to the ambient relative humidity (RH) – maximising dry connections all year round
  • Ensures optimum moisture flow through building structures with an Sd range of 0.4 m to 30 m
  • Airtight connections to DIN 4108-11
  • Class W1 resistance to water penetration.
  • Withstands a damp climate
  • Lifetime design – advanced acrylic adhesive with excellent ageing resistance.
  • Resistant to weathering, UV stability
  • Ecolabel Emicoded EC1 PLUS – meets the strict requirements of GEV for construction
  • Solvent-free adhesive with very low emissions and free of emulsifiers
  • Can be plastered over for seamless and waterproof airtight connections


Suitable for the creation of permanent airtight and/or windtight connections of membrane overlaps, joints, junctions, corners, windows and doors.

Suitable for:

  • Internal and external use
  • All Partel interior and exterior membranes
  • Other airtight membranes including PE,PA,PP and aluminium
  • Wood based panels OSB, MDF and plywood


  • 100mm x 25m (3-7/8” x 82’)
  • 150mm x 25m (5 7/8” x 82’)