LUNOS Wireless Screen

The latest in ventilation technology, the LUNOS wireless screen offers unparalleled control and regulation parameters, thanks to its modern control concept and new sensor system. The control and regulation systems, as well as the voltage transformer are integrated within the inner screen, simply plug in a 110 – 230 V power connection and you’re ready to go.

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LUNOS’ new wireless screen is designed to enable end customers to live in optimally ventilated premises without noticing the technology, blending in with other wall-mounted elements. Voted the best product of the year 2022 in the ventilation industry, it is the smart controller in the room.

Enjoy the convenience of this new operating concept, specially designed to meet the changing needs of the user. Put your trust in the new wireless screen for the ultimate in ventilation control.


Sensor System:
Sensors are an integral part of the system, and they are designed to register the humidity and temperature of both the interior and exterior environments, adjusting the volume flows of the ventilation units accordingly to ensure optimal air quality.

Manual Intervention:
A barely visible push-button located on the side of the panel allows for manual intervention in the ventilation settings, as required and desired, without the need for additional switches, controls, or displays.

In addition to standard filters that meet national and international requirements, filters with extremely high-quality filter classes of up to “F7” are also available.

LUNOS radio bus system:
The LUNOS radio bus system is an advanced communication-secure, interference-resistant, and intelligent system that meets all modern radio system requirements. Its unique technology includes synchronized systems, cross system interaction, and integrated radio repeater technology.