Partel FOAMSEAL Liquid B1 fire retardant expanding foam is a moisture-curing 1-component polyurethane foam sealant suitable for processing with a PU foam gun. Free from CFC, HCFC and HFC.

Joints and penetrations are potential weak points after fire breaks out in buildings. To achieve a reliable fire safety rating for the entire building fabric, cavities, joints, and penetrations between the structure, doors, and window frames have to be sealed with tested fire-resistant materials.

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Why Partel FOAMSeal LIQUID B1?

  • Excellent thermal and sound insulation
  • High fire-resistance — B1
  • Superior adhesion on various substrates
  • High yield: 40 liters per can
  • No dwell pressure after curing
  • Skin forming time: approx. 8 – 10 minutes
  • Resistant to aging – not applicable to UV radiation
  • Eco-friendly propellants
  • Fast and easy processing
  • Dimensionally stable
  • Frost and water-resistant
  • High bonding strength on multiple substrates
  • Good flow resistance, also suitable for wide joints
  • Very low emission – EMICODE EC1PLUS


Internal and external usage for thermal and sound insulation.

Partel FOAMSEAL B1 is suitable for windows, roof windows, attic conversion, doors, partition walls, precast walls, roller shutter boxes, air conditioning and ventilation systems, joints in thermal insulation systems, pipelines, metal structures, wooden structures.

Designed for filling joints, cavities, and wall penetrations.

Suitable substrates: Versatile to be used on various building substrates such as masonry, plaster, wood, concrete, aerated concrete, bricks, clinker, plasterboards, fiberboards, various plastics, corrosion-protected metals, styrofoam, various other insulating materials, ceramics, tiles, stone.

Fire behaviour (DIN 4102-1) Class B1 (hardly inflammable)
Reaction to fire (EN 13501-1) Class B-s1,d0
Colour Yellow
Processing temperature can min./max +5°C to +30°C
Processing temperature environment min./max +15°C to +35°C
Skin forming time (20°C/65 % RLF) approx. 8-10 minutes