LUNOS Ventilation with Heat Recovery

LUNOS Ventilation with Heat Recovery

Decentralized, Quiet, Energy Efficient, Heat Recovery & Demand Controlled Ventilation for the Home or Office

With this highly efficient system, all rooms in the residential and commercial living spaces are equipped with heat recovery devices – exactly where they are needed. With the ventilation units of LUNOS it is possible to operate ventilation and exhaust air systems with heat recovery via the outer wall even in classical exhaust air rooms.

e² fans are used in living room areas, and two units are always in operation as pairs. Therefore, an even number of units must always be installed to ensure the units work properly.

Functional rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens are ventilated via the ego fan. Operation in pairs is not required, since two ‘small’ e² in the ego ensures supply and exhaust air with heat recovery.

The Nexxt E is a decentralized HRV specially designed for larger spaces, not only homes but commercial spaces such as schools, offices, hotels, and hospitals.

In combined systems, at least two different types of ventilation are used together. Combinations of extract air units and fans with heat recovery are particularly effective: while living spaces have constant fresh air without heat loss thanks to heat recovery units, classic extract air rooms such as bathrooms, toilets, kitchens or hot water boilers can be ventilated cost-efficiently as required. For windowless bathrooms and WCs, such an exhaust air unit is even mandatory.