Smart, Wireless and Scalable U-Value and R-Value Measurement Kit

A large part of energy consumption is caused by badly insulated buildings. The latest wireless U-value and R-value measurement solution (gOMS II Kit), offered by Partel, enables you to precisely assess U-values, R-values at multiple points across your building. On the basis of the measured data, energetic retrofitting can be planned accordingly.

Our portable measurement approach uses heat flux meters (HFM) and temperature sensors for quick and accurate measurements over several days to months with the possibility of real-time monitoring. This approach is standardized in ISO 9869, ASTM 31046 and ASTM C1155. This is the only method that delivers accurate quantitative in-situ information about a building envelope performance.

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Why Partel Wireless gOMS II Measurement Kit

  • Accurate U-Value and R-Value measurements
  • Delivers reliable quantitative data in real-time
  • Wireless measurement set-up
  • Up to 5 measurement points at once
  • Measurement of surface, room and outdoor temperatures
  • Robust enclosure, and weatherproof
  • Weatherproof IP67 Nodes for year-round measurements
  • Easy processing of measured data. Data is presented in a structured report, and can be downloaded in a csv file
  • Simple and easy installation


The Wireless gOMS II Kit allows direct measurement of the thermal insulation quality of buildings and their elements. The Measurement System has the potential for use in a number of areas, including refurbishment planning, building inspection, mould detection, quality control and R&D, to ensure insulation has been installed correctly. Offline Software feature – Read Measurements without a WiFi connection!

  • U-Value measurement in compliance with ISO 9869
  • R-Value measurement in compliance with ISO 9869
  • Monitoring of heat flux, surface temperature and ambient temperature on a chosen surface (Inside and Outside use).

Partel’s gOMS II measurement service with the company’s agency for the green TEG U-value Kit is available on request through Ireland and the UK for rent and sale.