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Partel Products EXOPERM MONO SA 250- Self-Adhesive Monolithic Windtight Membrane

EXOPERM MONO SA 250- Self-Adhesive Monolithic Windtight Membrane

EXOPERM MONO SA 250 is an advanced vapor-permeable self-adhesive membrane developed based on a proven Monolithic Technology that provides a superior air and vapor barrier with excellent adhesion for the roof, wall, and floor applications.

The product combines all the advantages of one of the Partel’s most reliable exterior membranes - EXOPERM MONO 150, with complimentary benefits which help to keep your project on time and enhance the energy performance of the building for a long operational lifetime.

Its integrated Self-adhesive Technology, along with the reinforcement layer creates a complete and powerful airtight connections with various rigid substrates in the most challenging applications, enabling a faster, easier, and durable membrane application.

CE mark Monolithic Technology

Why Partel EXOPERM MONO SA 250?

  • Self-adhesive and Monolithic TPE Technology
  • 6 strong layers of protection – elastic monolithic TPE film between 2 non-woven PP fleeces; polyester reinforcement layer for optimum strength; acrylic adhesive; clear split release liner for quick installation
  • High workforce productivity onsite and offsite, and less installation steps, due to the fully self-adhesive surface of the membrane
  • Its low Sd value of 0.26m ensures ideal airtightness and thermal stability, protecting the building fabric elements
  • Class W1 resistance to water penetration
  • Optimum protection against driving rain and moisture
  • Highly tear-resistant and UV-stable for up to 4 months
  • Robust, flexible membrane with excellent resistance to corrosion and abrasion
  • Can be installed in temperatures from -40°C to 80°C
  • Long term protection against aging
  • Designed to be installed quickly and easily on a range of substrates without the need for primer


  • Used as an exterior breather membrane
  • Appropriate for roofs and walls applications; perfectly suitable for ceiling and floor timber structures, as temporary protection during the construction phase
  • Suitable especially for MMC - timber frame construction
  • Ideal installation on timber structures, CLT elements, OBS, steel, or concrete, masonry-type substrates
  • Effective solution for all insulation types

Self-Adhesive And Monolithic TPE Technology

  • High-performance strong acrylic adhesive ensures seamless airtight connections, no primer or adhesive tapes required
  • Monolithic TPE technology offers advanced moisture vapor transmission rate (MVTR) through diffusion, creating a completely windtight, waterproof membrane that actively expels any water/humidity
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1.45M X 30M = 43.5 M²