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Partel Products IZOPERM PLUS FR-  A2 Non-Combustible Vapour Control Layer

IZOPERM PLUS FR- A2 Non-Combustible Vapour Control Layer

IZOPERM™ PLUS FR is a tested fire-resistant vapour control layer Class A2-s1,d0 capable of meeting the performance requirements of the interior-originating fire exposure conditions. This high-performance membrane is developed using an advanced technology focused on lacquered aluminum layers laminated with solid glass fiber. The non-combustible, airtight properties of IZOPERM™ PLUS FR contribute significantly to energy efficiency, thermal performance, and excellent fire safety.

CE mark


  • Exceptional Fire Resistance - Euroclass A2-s1,d0, tested with Partel adhesive tape and meeting Euroclass EN13501-1 requirements.
  • Ensures proper water vapour management by controlling condensation and moisture-related conditions, resulting in increased energy efficiency.
  • The membrane is designed to provide superior airtightness and weather resistance to the building envelope. 
  • The design technology ensures superior structural integrity and high durability.
  • Due to its composite nature, it is much stronger than conventional polymeric membranes.
  • Resistant to water penetration – W1 according to EN 1928
  • It is more resistant to being damaged as compared to other interior wall membranes.
  • 0.05 Low emissivity/reflective surface for improved thermal performance


  • Internal Use
  • Compatible with all types of insulation and appropriate for all building heights, particularly high-rise and high-risk construction
  • Suitable for containing and limiting the spread of fire in both commercial and residential buildings
  • It can be used in roofs, walls, floors, and ceiling as an airtight membrane, preventing heat radiation and moisture transfer
  • In warmer countries, the vapour control membrane can be used externally as protective sheathing in high-rise buildings
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1.5m X 50m=75m2 (59-1/16” X 164’-1/2” = 807 SF)

IZOPERM PLUS FR membrane and ECHOSEAL ALU FR adhesive tape